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Mentoring and Support


I've lost count of how many times I've said "What crazy times!"  We have small groups, ministries and gatherings, but sometimes we need to process things personally.  If you're in need of some support, encouragement, prayer or someone to listen don't hesitate to reach out. 

These past months are affecting us all in a variety of ways and surfacing things uniquely in us.  We have laughed, processed deeply, prayed, shed tears, offered hope...so many different ways we are all walking in all of this.  I've talked with women the past six months about relationships, grief, loneliness, fear, anger, discerning God's will, ways to currently serve, prayer-life, emotional health, Scripture reading, self-care, interior freedom, wholeness, perseverance, suffering, faith, hope, love and the goodness of our triune God (just to name a few). 

I've been processing many of these things myself.  If you have experienced any or all of these, you are not alone.  Whether it is spiritual, emotional, relational health, mental health, wholeness...God cares about it all - every bit of it - so do we.  We are here and available. 

You can contact me, Rhonda Johnson at .

You can also reach out to our prayer team by emailing us at




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