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Next Step Classes


Wherever you are in your faith journey, there’s a next step you can take to better connect with God and others and become more spiritually mature.  At GPC, we are committed to help you along the way.  We have developed a series of classes that can help you you grow. They're offered a couple times a year & you don’t need to take them in order.   


"GPC Essentials" 

Are you thinking of making GPC your church home? This class will help answer any questions you might have about our church as well as give you an opportunity to hear about the vision and strategy of our ministry to accomplish God’s purposes.

     Next Class: Sunday morning @ 10:30am, date TBA...

“Discipleship Essentials” 

This 7 week class will help you understand the Bible better along with key Biblical habits that will help you grow stronger. 

     Next Class: Sunday night @ 6pm, date TBA...

“Leadership Essentials” 

A class that is intended to help you discover your God-given strengths. At GPC we believe every member of our church family is a minister. During this class you will receive help in identifying your strengths and spiritual gifts that God has given you so that you can serve others in ministry that is both fulfilling and fruitful.

      Next Class: Sunday morning at 11am, date TBA...


For more info. email Pastor Bob at  


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