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GPC-U is short for GPC-University.   Along with our small groups that meet throughout the year, as well as our three next step classes, we also offer a variety of classes that help you focus in on certain topics that perk your interest.  The classes we offer cover a variety of topics related to understanding more of the Bible and how Biblical principles can help us in various aspects of our lives.

The following is a list of the classes that we occasionally offer.  Let us know of your interest in one or more of these classes, and we will let you know when the class or classes you would like to attend will be offered next.

Keys To Better Bible Study (sharpening your Bible study skills)

Old Testament Overview (learning the key people, places, events of the OT)

New Testament Overview (learning the key people, places, events of the NT)

Spiritual Truths  (Summary of the Truths of the Bible)

Spiritual Habits (part 2 - more habits to consider to help you grow as a Christ follower)

Spiritual Leadership (God’s view of leadership and how to become a better leader)

Spiritual Hang-Ups (answering questions about Christianity)

Spiritual Choices (understanding the world’s major religions)

Financial Freedom (David Ramsey’s seminar highlighting key Biblical principles)

Various marriage and parenting classes: (Wednesday night young family small groups)

Authentic Manhood (God’s view of masculinity and how to move toward it). Email Pastor Bob at  for group info.







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