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Junior High Ministry [GPJHM]

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Welcome to Grace Point Junior High! Our desire here is to connect students with the fact that they were created by a gracious God who loves them, and the life-altering effects that an understanding of that truth brings. The thing we care most about is that students experience the Gospel and live lives in response to what Christ has done for them. We believe that the gospel is powerful and that it has the ability to radically change every aspect of our lives. At Grace Point Church we desire to plan and create opportunities for middle school students to experience the gospel in community. 


Worship Services & Small Groups (during COVID)

We are currently meeting online on Zoom Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm for small groups. Your student can expect: a fun game, connecting with leaders and other students, going deeper into God's Word during small group time and of course, experiencing Jesus for themselves! 

Sunday's we meet down in the parking garage during second service. Social distanced, wearing masks and six feet apart we do our best to seek God in a very tumultuous time. We hope you'll join us! If not, we work to provide a recorded version of the service that is available later on in the week on our YouTube channel. 

Our group is composed of students from all around the San Diego area including Poway, San Dieguito, and Santa Fe. We have students attending from CVMS, Pacific Trails, Santa Fe Christian, Oak Valley Middle School, and many other schools in the area! If you're new to the area or just looking for a church to get plugged into come visit Grace Point. We would love for you to join our community!

We meet Sunday’s from 10:30am-12:00pm and Wednesday’s from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Questions? Email Molly Morgen, our Junior High Director at   


FAQ's about our Student Ministry

How do I register my student for Grace Point Junior High?

Registration is simple, just-show-up! Once the student has attended once or twice, we ask them to fill out both a contact card and a medical release form. But, at any point, your student can show up on any given night to get started! 

Can I know what my student is being taught each week?

Yes, we really hope you engage in conversations about what your student is studying in small group and what they are learning on Sunday’s! We post a PDF copy of our Roots curriculum online and we encourage you to go through it with your student.

Can students get into small groups anytime?

Absolutely. Simply show up at 5:50pm on a Wednesday to get connected. 

Is there a Bible you recommend for my student to bring to Grace Point Junior High or use on their own?

There are a lot of great translations that are both Biblically accurate and helpful to understand. Our staff primarily teaches from the ESV - English Standard Version.


Summer Camp 2020

Our camp is August 7th-10th and we are taking actions and precautions in regards to Covid-19. We have rented two massive houses in Big Bear and will be doing a semi-combined camp with the High School ministry. 

I am open to any comments, questions or concerns you may have regarding your student going to camp.

Sign up for Camp here!


For Camp Details read the following... https://gracepointchurchsd.ccbchurch.com/get.php?id=1002&tk=S77NMJEBV55V62AZZTHTZWUBFXBERNDZ&t=mailMergeAttachment


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