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What a view!

Posted by Bob Johnson on

Early this morning I looked out from my back window and saw something I haven’t seen for a long time. Mountains! Beautiful mountains way off to the North that usually are covered by haze. After all the rain, things looks much cleaner and as we look up and out we can see much more.

This morning I also read the last few chapters in the book of Exodus as part of our 3YD (3 year Bible reading and reflecting plan). The last part of Exodus is a whole lot of detail about the Tabernacle along with some ‘interesting’ conversations between God, Moses and the people of Israel. As I read though the pages of Exodus these past few weeks, I wish all the passages/insights were as clear as the mountains I enjoyed this morning miles away. Some insights/passages were more clear regarding God’s intent than others. This Sunday, we are diving back into the book of Exodus and Pastor Dave and I look forward to unpacking with you some of the more interesting passages in this book in the weeks ahead where God leads the Israelites and others to more and more freedom.

Regarding what is written down and how God chose to respond to various things, we won’t have all the clarity we would like until Heaven. But as we dig a little and discuss together in our various groups, I look forward to the insights God will reveal as we desire to learn and live out our faith.

For those of you reading through our 3YD plan, now that Exodus is over (we dive into Leviticus on Monday … yahoo), be sure and get your Discovery Guide or Bible stamped with our ‘Exodus stamp’ this Sunday morning.



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