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3YD Blog

We are weak...but He is strong!

Posted by Bob Johnson on

I just finished my 3YD reading and reflecting time in Genesis 20.  I see an ongoing theme from yesterday as we read Genesis 18:16 - Genesis 19.  Lots of bad decisions!  But although God allows bad decisions to be made, He also steps in to protect and provide those who desire to seek Him.  Yesterday we saw how Lot made a series of bad decisions.  It is hard to believe he actually was willing to put his daughters in such a vulnerable position.  It is also so sad that Abraham would be willing to put his wife Sarah in a situation where she could be take advantage of.  Both were weak!  As their weakness was evident, God’s strength was also.  In both stories, God steps in to protect.  It is clear throughout Scripture, God honors volitional will but also chooses to intervene so that his ultimate purposes will not be thwarted.

Today, rest in that God is ultimately in charge and is actively revealing Himself and drawing people to walk with Him as He has since the beginning.  

I’m thankful to be part of our church family that desires for our God to reveal Himself to us.  As we see in the journey of Abraham and Sarah, may He continue to draw us closer to Himself and empower us (in all of our imperfections as we see in the characters of the Bible) to be part of His larger story in reaching a world that desperately needs Him.



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