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Let God open your eyes...

Posted by Bob Johnson on

I read about a miracle this morning.  In our 3YD journey, today’s reading is Genesis 21.  God made this crazy promise to Abraham and Sarah and He fulfilled it in His time. He promised them a son and when Abraham was 100 years old, Sarah and Abraham had a son.  When they were able to have a baby, God opened their eyes a little wider as to who He is and what He can do with and through ordinary people.  In this same chapter, God opened someone else’s eyes.  The first time was regarding how powerful and faithful God is to an elderly couple.  The second time is found in Genesis 21:19 when God opened Hagar’s eyes to see God's provision for her and her son. God provides for us at time in the most unlikely ways and in seemingly impossible places.

What a crazy time we live in!  Back then and today, God is faithful and will provide (sometimes miraculously) for those who trust and follow Him.  Let’s keep asking God to open our eyes to see what He wants us to see and find peace that our God is an all powerful providing God. Let’s also pray for our government leaders both local and national that they would seek God and God would open their eyes to His wisdom and direction.  Before God opened their eyes, Abraham and Sarah thought they would remain childless … before God opened Hagar’s eyes she thought she would die along with her son … they were both wrong.  Let’s all look to God today and see what He reveals … for our growth and His ultimate glory.



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