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3YD Blog

God Almighty

Posted by Bob Johnson on

Just finished my 3YD week 8 Day 5 (Genesis 17 - 18:15) solitude time.  8 weeks has gone by fast! 

A few things jumped out at me this morning … Genesis 17:1, God calls Himself ‘God Almighty’ (El Shaddai) … I love the fact that God is "All - (bigger than anything else that can assault me today) Mighty" … I can rest in that. 

I’m also encouraged that Abraham and Sarah were both imperfect (that gives me hope).  They both laughed when God told them what His plans were regarding a miracle baby.  They laughed because what God said was impossible.  They (and we) can laugh when faced with God’s declarations at impossibilities but in the end, God gets the last laugh! 

And I’m challenged in Genesis 17:23 with the phrase ‘that very day’.  God told Abraham about circumcision.  Abraham didn’t see that coming but ‘that very day’ he obeyed.  Putting off what God has clearly said is not a good idea … the longer we wait, the harder it is. 

They didn’t wait for their excuses/hesitations to dissipate … they just did what God said.  Abraham was circumcised at 99 and Ishmael was circumcised when he was 13.  Ok - let’s all agree that obedience is not always comfortable.  Way to go Abraham and Ishmael!  To both of them, what God asked of them didn’t make complete sense … not even close.  But they trusted their God. 

Lastly, Genesis 18:14 is the verse I will linger on today, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”  The answer is no.  We can walk with God All-Mighty today … there is hope in that! 

Have a great weekend … when God nudges you and I to trust and obey (today) … in big and small things, don’t expect the immediate result to be comfortable … but long term, every act of obedience God calls us to fits into His amazing longer story which will grow us and give Him glory.   See you all Sunday morning!



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