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Back to Genesis...

Posted by Bob Johnson on

Hi GPC!  It was good to celebrate with many of you yesterday morning!  Along with gathering for our weekly worship services and connecting in our small groups, classes and ministry events, I’m encouraged that our church has embraced this 3YD journey.  If you have not yet joined us in our 3 year Bible Reading Journey, join us this week! After just finishing Job last week, we are now back in the book of Genesis for the next 6 weeks.  To download our 3YD plan, click here or pick up a 3YD Bible Discovery Guide at our office or bookstore.

Today, we are reading Genesis 12 which is a huge chapter.  Huge not in length … as it is about the same size as the rest, but huge in that it begins a new chapter in God’s unfolding plan to solve the sin problem that showed up back in Genesis 3.  God invites a man named Abram to play a key role in God’s redemptive story.  When you read this chapter, it is clear that the plan to invite Abram and his wife and bless them in a variety of ways was all God’s idea.  Abram and Sarah didn’t see it coming. It is also interesting and important to see that when God invited them to a journey with Him it didn’t include a set of ‘religious behaviors’.  The 10 commandments don’t show up in the story for hundreds of years.  In the beginning of their relationship, God simply asked Abram to receive some promises, trust Him and begin following Him. Throughout the Bible and onto today, that is how God has been starting relationships with folks like us all along.  It is clear in this chapter when he asked his wife to lie for him (bad move) that he was not as mature as one day he would be, but it is good news that God doesn’t wait for us to grow up before he invites us into a relationship with Him and has a plan to mature us after the relationship has begun.

Rather than giving more comments about this pivotal chapter, I have uploaded a document that I think would be helpful to grasp a larger, clearer perspective on what God begins in chapter 12.  There are also some good questions in the document if you want to dig a little deeper.  Click here to download your copy.

Thanks for being a church that values reading, reflecting and applying God’s Word to our everyday lives. 





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